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Explore Sylva’s Services

Explore Sylva's Services

We are here to help!  We are starting to lend our hand by offering a couple packages for local businesses in Sylva to get their feet off of the ground and start driving traffic on their own terms.  Waiting for ‘the good season‘ and hoping the ‘festival brings in foot traffic‘ and hoping ‘the college kids‘ take a liking and magically walk in the door isn’t going to happen!  Lucky for all of you, we’re calling Sylva home now and we want you all to succeed!  The last thing we want is large corporations to come in and flip every table in town and lose the essence of what Sylva is.  We are starting with a few simple package offerings to get started helping you get started…

Package Details & Breakdown

The Online Presence Starter Package – Just what you need to get the wheels turning!  This simple and lite package gets you the bare essentials for your business to start driving traffic to your door.  We go through and create, claim, and verify your major social media pages and map listings to edit and maintain all the information shown in results.  This gives you access to maintain your online reviews left by others and take control of your online identity.  Start being shown at the top of search results when people search for things in the area and you control what information they are seeing!  By tackling Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Google Maps you are already ahead of the pack in nailing down the basics.  Click Here to read more…

More services and packages coming soon!

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