Introducing Explore Sylva

Introducing Explore Sylva!  This is our first post to introduce ourselves to the internet.  We are transplants from New Jersey who recently moved to Sylva, North Carolina just to get away from it all.  We were tired of the hustle and bustle and faced paced lifestyle of the upper Northeast.  So we started pecking around online for places to potentially relocate to for a 3-5 year plan.  We had some family in the Lake Lure / Bat Cave area, so we were familiar with the area from visits throughout the years and always loved it here.  So naturally we began our search in North Carolina.

After a few months of internetting, we kept coming back to the Sylva area in our searches.  Just something about the small-town feel we LOVED.  So we decided, “Let’s go Explore Sylva…” and see what the town is like in person after watching the Sylva Main Street webcam (thanks to the Sylva Herald) for hours and hours.  We took a long weekend trip in February of 2017 to take in the sights and sounds….. and 3 months later we are proud to call Sylva “home”.

Explore Sylva was born just as a side project to make exploring our new space fun and new-aged.  The more we starting looking into all the awesome small businesses and events that Sylva has to offer, the less we found about it online.  Naturally, we thought “what we can we do for our new little hometown?” and here we are!  We plan to spotlight all the sights and sounds of Sylva and see where this road takes us.  Really ‘get in there‘ with the culture of this gorgeous mountain town in Western North Carolina and try to display what it really entails.  Shopping, hiking, the awesome local breweries, local town events… you name it.

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So with that said, Welcome to Explore Sylva!


  1. Alison bentley

    Sounds good! Lets see it all!!

  2. Sujay

    Those views!

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